Dead Ahead Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Dead Ahead below. This game is developed by Mobirate. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP50000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-blood_18 achievement icon
First Blood! 500 XP
Kill your first zombie
conga-line achievement icon
Conga Line 1000 XP
Make a 10 zombie Combo kill
public-transport achievement icon
Jump on the bus!
run_21 achievement icon
Run! 1000 XP
Reach the 1km distance mark in a single run
no-mercy achievement icon
No Mercy 1000 XP
Totally kill 1,000 zombies.
now-i-have-a-machinegun-too achievement icon
Make lots of holes in 1,000 zombies
kangaroo_1 achievement icon
Kangaroo 1000 XP
Jump 10 cars
boom_10 achievement icon
Boom! 2000 XP
Set 1,000 zombies on fire using a launcher
wheelie-good achievement icon
Wheelie good 1000 XP
Pull off a really impressive wheelie
roadkill achievement icon
Roadkill 2000 XP
Slide 75m...on your face
he-s-behind-you achievement icon
Ride 1,000m with a boss on your tail
urban-pacifist achievement icon
Urban Pacifist 5000 XP
Harm no (un)living thing
massacre_3 achievement icon
Massacre 5000 XP
Make a 100 zombie Combo kill
clean-sweep_1 achievement icon
Clean Sweep 2000 XP
Mow down 1000 zombies using shotguns
explorer_22 achievement icon
Explorer 2000 XP
Unlock 5 locations
they-re-everywhere achievement icon
Kill a total of 100,000 zombies
double-tap_2 achievement icon
Double Tap 2000 XP
Shoot 1,000 zombies using pistols
rise-above-the-traffic achievement icon
Jump a total of 500 cars and 100 buses
i-brake-for-no-one achievement icon
Reach the 5km distance mark in a single run
see-the-world achievement icon
See the world 5000 XP
Travel a total of 400,758m
reaper_1 achievement icon
Reaper 5000 XP
Kill 1,500 zombies in a single run
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