Dark Sword Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Dark Sword below. This game is developed by NANOO COMPANY Inc.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP91000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


begin-the-journey achievement icon
Normal 1-1 Complete
fight-the-first-boss achievement icon
Normal 1-3 Complete
defeat-the-lizard-king achievement icon
Normal 1-10 Complete
defeat-the-spider-queen achievement icon
Normal 2-10 Complete
defeat-the-orc-king achievement icon
Normal 3-10 Complete
defeat-the-stone-dragon achievement icon
Normal 4-10 Complete
defeat-the-stout-lancer achievement icon
Normal 5-10 Complete
defeat-the-iron-cruiser achievement icon
Normal 6-10 Complete
defeat-the-insidious-ant achievement icon
Normal 7-10 Complete
defeat-sadistic-dullahan achievement icon
Normal 8-10 Complete
defeat-the-dark-demon achievement icon
Normal 9-10 Complete
defeat-the-dark-dragon achievement icon
Normal 10-10 Complete
defeat-the-dark-dragon-in-nightmare achievement icon
Nightmare 10-10 Complete
defeat-the-dark-dragon-in-hell achievement icon
Hell 10-10 Complete
equipment-drawn-for-the-first-time achievement icon
Summon equipment once
how-does-your-hp-potion-taste achievement icon
Use HP potion during battle
upgrading-equipments-is-essential achievement icon
Upgrade any equipment 10 times
do-not-stop-upgrading achievement icon
Upgrade any equipment 100 times
upgrade-like-this achievement icon
Upgrade any equipment 1,000 times
overcome-the-limit achievement icon
Break limit of any item once
first-time-is-always-the-hardest achievement icon
Break limit of any item 10 times
no-longer-a-novice achievement icon
Reach Level 10 in Normal Mode
that-s-right achievement icon
That’s right! 2000 XP
Reach Level 30 in Normal Mode
i-am-the-best achievement icon
I am the best 3000 XP
Reach Level 60 in Normal Mode
godly achievement icon
Godly 5000 XP
Reach Level 90 in Normal Mode
this-is-what-i-call-hardcore achievement icon
Die once in Hardcore Mode
death-is-my-friend achievement icon
Die 5 times in Hardcore Mode
life-goes-around-and-comes-around achievement icon
Die 10 times in Hardcore Mode
monster-killer_1 achievement icon
Monster Killer 1000 XP
Defeated 10,000 monsters
god-of-war_2 achievement icon
God of war 3000 XP
Defeated 100,000 monsters
legendary-hero_11 achievement icon
Legendary Hero 5000 XP
Defeated 1,000,000 monsters
aarrgghh achievement icon
Aarrgghh! 1000 XP
Die with Level 30 or above in Hardcore Mode
enlightenment_1 achievement icon
Enlightenment 3000 XP
Die with Level 60 or above in Hardcore Mode
only-beyondness achievement icon
Only beyondness 5000 XP
Die with Level 90 or above in Hardcore Mode
the-love-of-money achievement icon
Acquire 1,000 gold
i-m-rich_3 achievement icon
I'm rich 3000 XP
Acquire 1,000,000 gold
forget-bill-and-warren achievement icon
Acquire 1,000,000,000 gold
into-the-tower-of-infinity achievement icon
Clear Tower of Infinity 1F
keep-climbing achievement icon
Keep climbing 3000 XP
Clear Tower of Infinity 30F
where-is-the-top achievement icon
Clear Tower of Infinity 60F
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