Cut the Rope: Time Travel Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Cut the Rope: Time Travel below. This game is developed by ZeptoLab. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP72500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


candy-castles achievement icon
Candy castles 1000 XP
Complete The Middle Ages
crusader achievement icon
Crusader 2000 XP
Complete The Middle Ages with 3 stars
painted-candies achievement icon
Painted candies 1000 XP
Complete The Renaissance
om-da-nomci achievement icon
Om da Nomci 2000 XP
Complete The Renaissance with 3 stars
aaarrrrrrr achievement icon
Complete The Pirate Ship
dead-man-s-chest achievement icon
Complete The Pirate Ship with 3 stars
tutankhanom achievement icon
TutankhaNom 1000 XP
Complete Ancient Egypt
treasures-of-the-pharaohs achievement icon
Complete Ancient Egypt with 3 stars
green-philosopher achievement icon
Complete Ancient Greece
candies-of-olympus achievement icon
Complete Ancient Greece with 3 stars
cavenom achievement icon
CaveNom 1000 XP
Complete The Stone Age
bloodline achievement icon
Bloodline 2000 XP
Complete The Stone Age with 3 stars
disco-dancer achievement icon
Disco dancer 1000 XP
Complete Disco Era
star-of-the-dance-floor achievement icon
Complete Disco Era with 3 stars
sheriff-star achievement icon
Sheriff star 1000 XP
Complete Wild West
most-wanted achievement icon
Most wanted 2000 XP
Complete Wild West with 3 stars
ahead-of-time achievement icon
Ahead of Time 1000 XP
Complete The Future
bright-future achievement icon
Bright Future 2000 XP
Complete The Future with 3 stars
chinese-wisdomnom achievement icon
Complete Asian Dynasty
master-of-candy-arts achievement icon
Complete Asian Dynasty with 3 stars
industrialist_3 achievement icon
Industrialist 1000 XP
Complete Industrial Age
great-inventor achievement icon
Great Inventor 2000 XP
Complete Industrial Age with 3 stars
crazy-universe achievement icon
Crazy Universe! 1000 XP
Complete Parallel Universe
head-over-heels achievement icon
Complete Parallel Universe with 3 stars
time-traveller_3 achievement icon
Time traveller 2000 XP
Collect 200 stars
ropes-of-ages achievement icon
Ropes of ages 2000 XP
Cut 500 ropes
bubbles-of-the-ancestors achievement icon
Pop 50 bubbles
wormholes achievement icon
Wormholes 1500 XP
Fly through 20 portals
split-second achievement icon
Split second 2000 XP
Freeze time with the Time Stopper 200 times
big-boom_1 achievement icon
Big Boom! 2000 XP
Explode 50 bombs
connection-lost achievement icon
Connection lost 1000 XP
Desynchronize 10 candies
hidden-door achievement icon
Hidden door 1500 XP
Flip OmNom 20 times
into-the-future achievement icon
Into the future 2000 XP
Make 20 full clockwise turns
back-to-the-past_1 achievement icon
Make 20 full counter-clockwise turns
feeding-time achievement icon
Feeding time 2000 XP
Stop the time when the candy flies into OmNom's opened mouth
vertigo achievement icon
Vertigo 2000 XP
Quickly turn OmNom's platform 360 degrees
interrupted-dialogue achievement icon
Feed the candy to OmNom while he is talking to a friend
fly-to-the-stars achievement icon
Collect 20 stars with the flying candy
laser-show achievement icon
Laser show 2000 XP
Block 10 different laser beams with the disco ball
lasso-master achievement icon
Lasso master 2000 XP
Connect candies with rope 50 times
tied-together achievement icon
Tied Together 1500 XP
Feed both OmNoms with candies tied with a rope
hoverboarder achievement icon
Hoverboarder 2000 XP
Fly 100 zeptometers with flying OmNom
fan-of-the-hand-fan achievement icon
Rotate fans 100 times
field-researcher_3 achievement icon
Magnetize candies 100 times
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