Cooking Fever Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Cooking Fever below. This game is developed by Nordcurrent. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP83000 points
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winner_4 achievement icon
Winner 500 XP
Complete 21 levels without losing a single customer.
happy-customers achievement icon
Don't lose any clients 7 levels in a row.
wake-and-bake achievement icon
Wake and Bake 3000 XP
Play the game 10 days in a row.
taking-no-breaks achievement icon
Play for 1 hour straight.
24-7 achievement icon
24/7 500 XP
Complete 50 levels in 24 hours.
perfect-restaurant achievement icon
Fully upgrade a restaurant.
restaurant-chain achievement icon
Fully upgrade three restaurants.
restaurant-monopoly achievement icon
Fully upgrade five restaurants.
new-waiter achievement icon
New Waiter 500 XP
Serve 1 client.
experienced-waiter achievement icon
Serve 700 clients.
professional-waiter achievement icon
Serve 5000 clients.
millionaire_1 achievement icon
Millionaire 3000 XP
Earn 1000000 coins.
extra-income achievement icon
Extra Income 500 XP
Earn 1000 coins in tips.
tip-master achievement icon
Tip Master 1000 XP
Earn 10000 coins in tips.
speedy-service achievement icon
Speedy Service 1500 XP
Earn 100000 coins in tips.
working-extra-hours achievement icon
Receive 1000 coins for completed tasks.
extra-job achievement icon
Extra Job 500 XP
Receive 5000 coins for completed tasks.
hard-earned-money achievement icon
Receive 10000 coins for completed tasks.
surpassing-all-expectations achievement icon
Earn 200 more coins than the target score.
great-spender achievement icon
Great Spender 500 XP
Spend 20 diamonds.
200-shinies achievement icon
200 Shinies 1000 XP
Spend 200 diamonds.
highroller achievement icon
Highroller 3000 XP
Spend 2000 diamonds.
investor_1 achievement icon
Investor 500 XP
Spend 10000 coins on upgrades.
smart-investor achievement icon
Spend 50000 coins on Upgrades.
upgrading-it-all achievement icon
Spend 200000 coins on upgrades.
smart-upgrading achievement icon
Smart Upgrading 1500 XP
Receive 500 XP points from a single upgrade.
they-re-less-fortunate achievement icon
Feed the homeless by throwing 11 dishes away to the recycle bin in one level.
you-re-doing-it-wrong_1 achievement icon
Burn 100 dishes.
try-harder_1 achievement icon
Try Harder 500 XP
Lose 50 clients.
fast-food_1 achievement icon
Fast Food 500 XP
Serve 4 clients in 3 seconds.
lending-a-hand achievement icon
Call the repairman 10 times.
perfect_26 achievement icon
Perfect 1000 XP
Complete every level in the Fast Food Court with 3 stars.
happy-moustaches achievement icon
Serve 50 customers with moustaches.
keeping-them-hydrated achievement icon
Sell 200 drinks.
people-are-thirsty achievement icon
Sell 1000 drinks.
quench-your-thirst achievement icon
Sell 3000 drinks.
master-confectioner achievement icon
Complete all levels in the Bakery with 3 stars.
first-class-restaurant achievement icon
Complete all levels in the Chinese Restaurant with 3 stars.
elite-pizzeria achievement icon
Elite Pizzeria 1500 XP
Complete all levels in the Pizzeria with 3 stars.
take-a-nap achievement icon
Take a Nap 500 XP
Lose a level three times in a row.
been-abroad achievement icon
Been Abroad 500 XP
Unlock 1 additional restaurant.
experienced-traveller achievement icon
Unlock 4 additional restaurants.
best-of-the-best_2 achievement icon
Complete all levels in the Seafood Bistro with 3 stars.
level-up_4 achievement icon
Level Up 500 XP
Reach experience level 10.
half-way-there_1 achievement icon
Half Way There 1000 XP
Reach experience level 20.
professional_7 achievement icon
Professional 1500 XP
Reach experience level 30.
good-job_1 achievement icon
Good Job 1000 XP
Complete 200 levels.
happy-chef achievement icon
Happy Chef 500 XP
Complete 5 levels in a row without burning a dish.
great-chef achievement icon
Great Chef 500 XP
Complete 15 levels in a row without burning a dish.
master-chef achievement icon
Master Chef 1000 XP
Complete 30 levels in a row without burning a dish.
conqueror_6 achievement icon
Conqueror 3000 XP
Unlock 6 additional restaurants.
restaurant-king achievement icon
Restaurant King 4000 XP
Fully upgrade 7 restaurants.
best-indian-diner achievement icon
Complete all levels in Indian diner with 3 stars.
english-breakfast-professional achievement icon
Complete all levels in Breakfast Cafe with 3 stars.
smart-move achievement icon
Smart move 1500 XP
Get 5000 coins just from daily rewards.
getting-what-you-deserve achievement icon
Get 10 gems just from daily rewards.
player achievement icon
Player 1000 XP
Spend 10000 coins in Casino.
better-luck-next-time_2 achievement icon
Spin coin Machine at casino 15 times in a row without wining.
jackpot_1 achievement icon
Jackpot 3000 XP
Win 1000 Coins in Casino in one spin.
show-them-what-you-can achievement icon
Complete total 250 levels with 3 stars in any of your restaurants.
television-maniac achievement icon
Buy 6 TV's in your restaurants.
negative-balance achievement icon
Throw away some food when you have 0 coins in a level.
other-way-to-win achievement icon
Complete level without making any of the main dishes.
burn-them-all_1 achievement icon
Burn them all 1500 XP
At once have 9 dishes burning on your stoves.
dirty-chef achievement icon
Dirty Chef 500 XP
Leave overcooked meal on your stove for more than a minute.
sushi-master achievement icon
Sushi Master 3000 XP
Complete all levels in Sushi Restaurant with 3 stars.
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