Clear Vision 3- Sniper Shooter Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Clear Vision 3- Sniper Shooter below. This game is developed by Eldring. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP86000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-kill_7 achievement icon
First Kill! 2000 XP
Get blood on your hands for the first time!
5-kills achievement icon
5 Kills! 2000 XP
Reach 5 kills!
10-kills achievement icon
10 Kills! 3000 XP
Reach 10 kills!
20-kills achievement icon
20 Kills! 4000 XP
Reach 20 kills!
40-kills achievement icon
40 Kills! 5000 XP
Reach 40 kills!
elite-assaulter achievement icon
Own a fully upgraded weapon!
double-kill_1 achievement icon
Double kill! 3000 XP
Shoot two targets with one shot!
elecrifying achievement icon
Elecrifying! 2000 XP
Kill a target with an electric accident.
buried-alive achievement icon
Buried Alive! 2000 XP
Bury a target in concrete, alive!
oliver-twist-dat-shit achievement icon
Succeed when pickpocketing someone!
robin-hood-yo-ass achievement icon
Succeed in mugging someone!
grand-theft-auto_1 achievement icon
Succeed in stealing a car!
red-ruby-heist achievement icon
Red Ruby Heist 8000 XP
Succeed in stealing the red ruby in the "Red Ruby Heist".
honest-man achievement icon
Honest Man 5000 XP
Do all honest jobs at least once.
savior-of-the-day achievement icon
Save someone from beeing executed.
weapons-expert achievement icon
Weapons Expert 10000 XP
All weapons fully upgraded!
shadow-killer achievement icon
Shadow Killer 10000 XP
Finish the first episode with 100% accuracy and no mission fails.
master-of-shadows achievement icon
Reach the highest rank in the game!
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