Bridge Constructor PG FREE Achievement List

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Total XP49000 points
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13 Achievements

car-insignia-tutoria achievement icon
Cars can drive on all of Island 1's bridges.
truck-insignia-tutoria achievement icon
Trucks can drive on all of Island 1's bridges.
stubborn_1 achievement icon
Stubborn! 3000 XP
25 failed simulations in a row for the same bridge.
throw-away-bridge achievement icon
Bridge completed although at least 1 part broke.
safe-flight achievement icon
Safe Flight! 2000 XP
Ran a level simulation although not one single element had been built.
storm-warning achievement icon
A vehicle flew at least 5 grid units into the air.
bye-bye_1 achievement icon
Bye Bye! 3000 XP
One vehicle reached the opposite side of the bridge safely, the other did not.
show-off_2 achievement icon
Show Off 5000 XP
At least one bridge posted on Facebook.
collection-complete achievement icon
Achieved all badges for all bridges!
damned-close achievement icon
Built a truck bridge which withstands over 95% strain without anything breaking.
big-spender_17 achievement icon
Big spender 5000 XP
Spent at least 100,000 for a bridge.
monumental-structure achievement icon
Built a bridge with at least 100 construction elements.
foreman_1 achievement icon
Foreman 2000 XP
Achieved 25 badges!
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