Bowmasters Achievement List

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Total XP58500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


arrow-to-the-knee-i achievement icon
Deal 100 damage to opponent
arrow-to-the-knee-ii achievement icon
Deal 500 damage to opponent
arrow-to-the-knee-iii achievement icon
Deal 1,000 damage to opponent
arrow-to-the-knee-iv achievement icon
Deal 3,000 damage to opponent
arrow-to-the-knee-v achievement icon
Deal 5,000 damage to opponent
arrow-to-the-knee-vi achievement icon
Deal 10,000 damage to opponent
unite-i achievement icon
Unite! I 1000 XP
Unlock 3 champions
unite-ii achievement icon
Unite! II 1500 XP
Unlock 5 champions
unite-iii achievement icon
Unite! III 2000 XP
Unlock 8 champions
unite-iv achievement icon
Unite! IV 2500 XP
Unlock 10 champions
unite-v achievement icon
Unite! V 3000 XP
Unlock 15 champions
unite-vi achievement icon
Unite! VI 3500 XP
Unlock 20 champions
unite-vii achievement icon
Unite! VII 4000 XP
Unlock 25 champions
unite-viii achievement icon
Unite! VIII 4500 XP
Unlock 30 champions
comeback-i achievement icon
Comeback I 500 XP
Open 1 chests
comeback-ii achievement icon
Comeback II 1000 XP
Open 3 chests
comeback-iii achievement icon
Comeback III 1500 XP
Open 5 chests
comeback-iv achievement icon
Comeback IV 2000 XP
Open 7 chests
comeback-v achievement icon
Comeback V 2500 XP
Open 10 chests
comeback-vi achievement icon
Comeback VI 3000 XP
Open15 chests
comeback-vii achievement icon
Comeback VII 3500 XP
Open 20 chests
sea-rage achievement icon
Sea Rage 1500 XP
Unlock Old Man, King Octopus and Shark
kings-and-gods achievement icon
Kings and Gods 1500 XP
Unlock Thor, Chang Wu King and Leonidas
heroes-and-villains achievement icon
Unlock Dr. Sick, Soldier, Maestro and Cyberstar
greatest-warriors achievement icon
Unlock Leonidas, Arnold, Thor and Reddish
music_5 achievement icon
Music 1500 XP
Unlock Corey Thunderstring, Y and Neko
sport_5 achievement icon
Sport 1500 XP
Unlock Kacey Rich and Mike
brutal_3 achievement icon
Brutal 1500 XP
Unlock Corey Thunderstring, Terrance and Arnold
girls-power achievement icon
Girls Power 1500 XP
Unlock Neko, Kacey Rich and Raymonde
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