BLEACH Brave Souls Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for BLEACH Brave Souls below. This game is developed by KLab Global Pte. Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


hinagiku achievement icon
Hinagiku 1000 XP
Unlock 10 types of characters in your Album.
baigon achievement icon
Baigon 2000 XP
Unlock 20 types of characters in your Album.
lily_1 achievement icon
Lily 3000 XP
Unlock 30 types of characters in your Album.
tsubaki achievement icon
Tsubaki 4000 XP
Unlock 40 types of characters in your Album.
shuno achievement icon
Shuno 5000 XP
Unlock 50 types of characters in your Album.
shikai achievement icon
Shikai 2500 XP
Acquire a ★4 character for the first time.
bankai achievement icon
Bankai 5000 XP
Acquire a ★5 character for the first time.
lower-noble-house achievement icon
Acquire 1,000 Small Crystals.
high-ranking-noble-house achievement icon
Acquire 750 Medium Crystals.
four-great-noble-clans achievement icon
Acquire 500 Large Crystals.
lieutenant_5 achievement icon
Lieutenant 2500 XP
Earn promotion to the Lieutenant league.
captain_18 achievement icon
Captain 5000 XP
Earn promotion to the Captain league.
court-guard achievement icon
Court Guard 1000 XP
Win 10 Brave Battles.
squad-11-member achievement icon
Squad 11 Member 2500 XP
Win 50 Brave Battles.
warrior_5 achievement icon
Warrior 5000 XP
Win 100 Brave Battles.
kenpachi achievement icon
Kenpachi 10000 XP
Win 250 Brave Battles.
substitute-soul-reaper achievement icon
Defeat 100 enemies.
soul-reaper achievement icon
Soul Reaper 2500 XP
Defeat 500 enemies.
13-court-guard-squad-member achievement icon
Defeat 1,000 enemies.
central-46-member achievement icon
Defeat 2,500 enemies.
royal-guard achievement icon
Royal Guard 10000 XP
Defeat 5,000 enemies.
karakura-pink achievement icon
Karakura Pink 1000 XP
Make 10 friends.
karakura-red achievement icon
Karakura Red 2000 XP
Make 25 friends.
karakura-golden achievement icon
Karakura Golden 5000 XP
Make 40 friends.
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