Banana Kong Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Banana Kong below. This game is developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP75000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


repdigit achievement icon
Repdigit 1000 XP
End a run with the same number in every digit of the meter count
stupid-monkey achievement icon
Stupid Monkey 500 XP
Fail within the first 100 meters.
see-you-later-alligator achievement icon
Let 5 crododiles snap after you in one run.
tarzan achievement icon
Tarzan 2000 XP
Perfectly jump off a liana 10 times in one run.
speeding achievement icon
Speeding 1500 XP
Use the dash 200 times.
gentle-breeze achievement icon
Gentle Breeze 1000 XP
Glide for a total of 1000 meters combined.
stuntman achievement icon
Stuntman 2000 XP
Glide 70 meters with one jump.
at-the-last-second achievement icon
Escape from the banana wave when it almost got you.
pot-of-gold achievement icon
Pot Of Gold 500 XP
Collect a total of 200 rainbow bananas.
magneto achievement icon
Magneto 1500 XP
Collect a total of 500 bananas with magnetic pull.
upgrade_5 achievement icon
Upgrade 500 XP
Buy your first item in the shop.
shopping-tour achievement icon
Shopping Tour 1500 XP
Buy 5 items in the shop.
sonic-speed achievement icon
Sonic Speed 2000 XP
Reach the maximum running speed.
first-kong-is-born achievement icon
Own a total of exactly 1981 bananas.
unexpected-stopover achievement icon
Run against a wall.
honey-bee achievement icon
Honey Bee 2000 XP
Jump onto 4 flowers in a row without touching the ground.
marathon_1 achievement icon
Marathon 1500 XP
Reach or surpass a combined running distance of 42.195 meters.
beat-it achievement icon
Beat It! 5000 XP
Finish all Missions.
lose-ground achievement icon
Lose Ground 1500 XP
Fall on your face and drop into water on collapsing ground
banana-beats-gorilla achievement icon
Get knocked over by a wave of banana peels.
well-funded achievement icon
Well Funded 3000 XP
Spend over 20.000 bananas in the shop.
batman achievement icon
Batman 1000 XP
Run into 50 bats.
the-giraffe-watches-you achievement icon
Bounce on the Giraffes head 50 times.
free-as-a-bird achievement icon
Free As A Bird 1500 XP
Ride the Toucan 50 times.
rodeo achievement icon
Rodeo 1500 XP
Ride the Boar 50 times.
unstoppable_2 achievement icon
Unstoppable 1000 XP
Destroy 500 boar blocks in the cave.
i-love-flowers achievement icon
I Love Flowers 1500 XP
Jump onto 250 flowers.
collision-course achievement icon
Run into 100 barrels.
arachnophobia_1 achievement icon
Arachnophobia 1000 XP
Run into 100 spiderwebs.
booster achievement icon
Booster 500 XP
Start a run with the simple boost.
turbo-boost-maniac achievement icon
Start 3 runs with the double boost.
jump-starter achievement icon
Jump Starter 2000 XP
Jump 15 times during the first 100 meter.
fully-equipped achievement icon
Fully Equipped 4000 XP
Upgrade all Power Ups to max. level.
sparkling-water achievement icon
Sparkling Water 1000 XP
Pass 100 underwater currents
wet-fruit achievement icon
Wet Fruit 1000 XP
Collect a total of 1000 bananas underwater
rainbow-reef achievement icon
Rainbow Reef 1500 XP
Collect 50 rainbow bananas underwater
sonic-boom achievement icon
Sonic Boom 1000 XP
Get rid of 10 obstacles at once with turtle smartbomb
hold-your-breath achievement icon
Reach or exceed a combined swimming disctance of 10,000 meters
hot-pursuit achievement icon
Hot Pursuit 500 XP
Narrowly escape the crocodile while being underwater
tastes-like-chicken achievement icon
Get caught by the crocodile underwater 10 times
best-friends-forever achievement icon
Ride the turtle 20 times
primate-bate achievement icon
Primate Bate 1000 XP
Bump into a piranha 50 times
living-cactus achievement icon
Living Cactus 1000 XP
Bump into a blowfish 25 times
double-calories achievement icon
Double Calories 1500 XP
Start 3 runs with double banana utility
treasure-diving achievement icon
Treasure Diving 1000 XP
Unlock 20 underwater chest treasures
tank-riding achievement icon
Tank Riding 1000 XP
Knock over 300 obstacles while riding the turtle
well-armored achievement icon
Well Armored 2500 XP
Max the turtle upgrades
golden-ground achievement icon
Golden Ground 2500 XP
Max the treasure chest upgrades
scuba-diver achievement icon
Scuba Diver 2000 XP
Reach or exceed a combined swimming disctance of 10,000 meters while wearing diving goggles.
fashion-victim achievement icon
Fashion Victim 1000 XP
Buy 5 or more hats in the Shop
trend-setter achievement icon
Trend Setter 1000 XP
Buy 5 or more parachutes in the Shop
banana-dash achievement icon
Banana Dash 1000 XP
Collect 500 bananas by destroying obstacles with the Banana Dash upgrade.
turtle-rodeo achievement icon
Turtle Rodeo 2000 XP
Use the turtle 2 times in one run
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