Alto's Odyssey Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Alto's Odyssey below. This game is developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

There is no guide information for this game. Use this link to Submit an Achievement Guide for this game.

Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


unlock-maya_1 achievement icon
Unlock Maya 1000 XP
Unlock Maya
unlock-paz_1 achievement icon
Unlock Paz 2500 XP
Unlock Paz
unlock-izel_1 achievement icon
Unlock Izel 5000 XP
Unlock Izel
unlock-felipe_1 achievement icon
Unlock Felipe 7500 XP
Unlock Felipe
unlock-sumara achievement icon
Unlock Sumara 10000 XP
Unlock Sumara
rookie_22 achievement icon
Rookie 1000 XP
Complete 10 goals
novice_29 achievement icon
Novice 2500 XP
Complete 25 goals
pro_120 achievement icon
Pro 5000 XP
Complete 75 goals
master_180 achievement icon
Master 10000 XP
Complete all 180 goals
nomad achievement icon
Nomad 1000 XP
Ride for 50,000m
wanderer_2 achievement icon
Wanderer 2500 XP
Ride for 250,000m
voyager_3 achievement icon
Voyager 5000 XP
Ride for 500,000m
journeyer achievement icon
Journeyer 10000 XP
Ride for 1,000,000m
human-flight_1 achievement icon
Human Flight 2500 XP
Fly with the wingsuit
sightseer achievement icon
Sightseer 2500 XP
Discover 3 biomes
sandboarder achievement icon
Sandboarder 2500 XP
Wallride for 10,000m in total
vandal achievement icon
Vandal 2500 XP
Break 500 pots in total
windswept achievement icon
Windswept 2500 XP
Backflip from 100 tornados in total
my-little-friend achievement icon
Ride for 5,000m total while chased by a lemur
hoist-the-mainsail achievement icon
Grind the very top rope of the ship
life-aquatic achievement icon
Life Aquatic 2500 XP
Dip underwater 50 times
the-ultimate-challenge achievement icon
Complete all 180 goals once without crashing more than 100 times.
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