Airport Cargo Parking Achievement List

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Total XP8500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


new-arrival achievement icon
New Arrival! 500 XP
Completed 1st level of Parking mode.
get-set-go achievement icon
Get Set, Go! 500 XP
Unlocked Racing mode.
vroom-vroom achievement icon
Vroom Vroom! 500 XP
Unlocked Time Trial mode.
airport-newbie achievement icon
Completed 10 levels of Parking mode.
airport-captain achievement icon
Completed 20 levels of Parking mode.
airport-top-gun achievement icon
Completed 30 levels of Parking mode.
real-speedster achievement icon
Completed 10 levels of Racing mode.
wheels-on-fire achievement icon
Complete 10 levels of Time Trial mode.
starry-days achievement icon
Starry Days! 500 XP
Earned 60 stars.
star-parade achievement icon
Star Parade! 500 XP
Earned 80 stars.
star-shower achievement icon
Star Shower! 500 XP
Earned 100 stars.
stars-of-honor achievement icon
Earned 120 stars.
on-a-roll_6 achievement icon
On a Roll! 500 XP
Won 3 Parking levels in a row.
fast-and-furious_1 achievement icon
Won 3 Racing levels in a row.
blaze-of-glory achievement icon
Won 3 Time Trial levels in a row.
airport-superstar achievement icon
Got 3 stars in 3 levels in a row.
airport-announcement achievement icon
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