Age of 2048 (2048 Puzzle) Achievement List

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Soulgit Games
Total XP45000 points
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9 Achievements

moai_1 achievement icon
Moai 5000 XP
Moai built
alexandria-lighthouse_1 achievement icon
Built the Alexandria lighthouse
notre-dame-cathedral_1 achievement icon
Notre Dame Cathedral built
westminster-abbey_1 achievement icon
Built by Westminster Abbey
statue-of-liberty_1 achievement icon
Constructed Statue of Liberty
what-is-that_1 achievement icon
What is that? 3000 XP
Try touching the ad balloon
great-civilization_1 achievement icon
First civilization construction
black-hole_2 achievement icon
Black Hole 5000 XP
Find Black Hole
pyramid_1 achievement icon
Pyramid 5000 XP
Rate The Game
How Heavy Was The Advertising?
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Time Required To Get 100% Achievements