Aces Spades Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Aces Spades below. This game is developed by Concrete Software, Inc.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP71500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


so-ya-got-lucky achievement icon
Win a game
really-lucky achievement icon
Really Lucky... 2000 XP
Win 5 games in a row
zero-sum-game achievement icon
Zero Sum Game 1500 XP
Win a Nil bid
not-so-tricky achievement icon
Not So Tricky 5000 XP
Win 3 Nil bids in a row
peek-a-boo achievement icon
Peek-a-Boo 2500 XP
Win a Blind Nil bid
risky-business achievement icon
Risky Business 7500 XP
Win Blind Nil on solo
underdog achievement icon
Underdog 2000 XP
Win a game after going negative
endurance-test achievement icon
Endurance Test 3000 XP
Score 2000 points in a single game
precision-bidder achievement icon
Win a game with exactly enough points
no-baggage achievement icon
No Baggage 5000 XP
Win a game without taking any bags
devil-s-advocate achievement icon
Win a game with Donovan as your partner
johnny-from-georgia achievement icon
Beat Donovan on very hard
galvanic-user-system achievement icon
Beat G.U.S. on very hard
change-of-plans achievement icon
Break Spades
jump-the-gun achievement icon
Jump the Gun 1000 XP
Break Spades before the third trick
keep-chuggin achievement icon
Play the game continuously for 30 minutes
full-steam achievement icon
Full Steam 2000 XP
Play for 2 hours
steampunk achievement icon
Steampunk 5000 XP
Play for 5 hours
card-sharp achievement icon
Card Sharp 2500 XP
Win 5 multiplayer games
hot-streak achievement icon
Hot Streak 3000 XP
Win 3 multiplayer games in a row
avalanche achievement icon
Avalanche 2000 XP
Win a multiplayer game by 200 points
hospitable-host achievement icon
Hospitable Host 2000 XP
Play multiplayer games with 5 different invited friends
twitterpated achievement icon
Twitterpated 500 XP
Follow us on Twitter
you-like-this achievement icon
You Like This 500 XP
Like us on Facebook
dark-horse achievement icon
Dark Horse 10000 XP
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