HDC Galaxy S5 Smart Phone - Review

I decided to pick up the latest Galaxy S5 clone after I broke the screen on the Galaxy S4 clone that I was using. On paper this smart phone looks like a dream come true. Fantastic price, great sp...


HTC One Dot View Cover - Review

Smart phone cases can be a bit of a pain for those who use their phone to check the time and other updates regularly. If you only have one hand free it can be difficult to open up the case to che...


GIF That Sums Up What Will Happen When Microsoft Take Over Minecraft

It's always fun to poke fun at Mirosoft


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Mother creates an awesome hand made Super Mario Themed quilt


Minecraft - PS4 / Xbox One - Review

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A History Of The MP5 and a Cultural Context Within Games.

Iconic Arms S1E6: MP5. A history of the MP5 and a cultural context within games.


Minecraft in Real Life By The Dudesons

The Dudesons set out to recreate Minecraft in the real world. Steve and Steve combat creepers and set out to find a woman.


Best Minecraft Survival Seed For PS4/XB1 - Village & Temple near spawn - 100 + D

Minecraft seed for PS4 and Xbox one. Seed has a desert temple and village near the spawn point. Coordinates diamonds, emeralds and gold


Uncharted Remaster Might Be Announced On October 4th

With a rising popularity in remastering and interest from Sony, could we see a remaster of Uncharted on the PS4 announced in October


Blurred Gaming Wallpaper Collection (1080p)

A collection of video game wallpapers with blurred backgrounds. 1080p


Final Fantasy X HD Blitzball Players Stat Sheet - Part 1

Blitzball player stat sheet for Final Fantasy X. The entire list of plays, with levels, hp and other vital statistics.


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A history of the M1 Garand and a cultural context within games.


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A long journey to kill everything in the entire game has finally come to the end. EVERYTHING IS DEAD!


How To Stream Videos and Media From An Android Device To Chromecast

Stream video files, music and images from any Android tablet or smartphone over to your Chromecast


Dynamic Themes Coming To PS4

Sony have revealed dynamic themes for the PS4 coming in firmware 2.0