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North Korea Set To Release A Video Game Console

North Korea have been developing a top secret games console that is set to take the west by storm.


Self Aware Mario Who is Capable of Feelings and Understanding Human Voices

Developers have created a custom version of Mario where the character is capable of learning and feeling, which could pave the way for future AI development


The Entire World Of Dark Souls From The Side

Fantastic piece of art work that shows the entire world of Lordran


White Night - Review

I came across this game while sifting through the latest releases on the store. The trailer was enough of a selling point to make me want the game. I'll start off by saying this game is scary as he...


Activision Renews Illuminati Membership

Reports have confirmed that game industry giant Activision have renewed their long-standing membership to the Illumanati.


Battlefield Hardline Has A Driveable Couch Easter Egg

Battlefield has come back with another awesome easter egg. This time it's a secret vehicle...that happens to be a couch.


Greatest Swords From Video Games

A collection of some of the greatest swords in gaming.


Kojima Un-invites Konami From His Birthday Party

The feud between Kojima and Konami continues as Kojima uninvites Konami to his birthday party.


Ninja Fight - Raiden Vs Ryu Hayabusa

Metal Gears Raiden versus Ninja Gaidens Ryu Hayabusa. Who would win in a fight?


New Survival Horror Where Aliens Abduct Your Baby

The Hum: Abductions is an upcoming horror game that features aliens that abduct your baby!


Bloodborne Trophy List



Rockstar Wants Nothing To Do With Xbox One

Latest reports have confirmed that Rockstar want nothing to do with the Xbox One


Samus Aran Vs Master Chief - Who Would Win?

If there were an epic battle between Master Chief and Samus Aran who would win?


Developers Keep Remaking Classic Shooters Wrong

Classic games keep getting remade and every time the developers continue to do this wrong!


White Night Trophy Guide

You should be able to complete this game in one main run, although you will have to "complete" the game a few times by reloading your last game save on a few different dates and times. There are some missable trophies that you should take note of before you start.


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Trophy List