The Rito, in the Legend of Zelda series, are a race of avian beings possessing exceptional flight abilities. These creatures are anthropomorphic, with humanoid bodies and bird-like features. They play key roles in various games within the series, serving as characters, allies, and sometimes merchants.

Their debut came in the game called The Wind Waker, released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. In this title, the Rito inhabited Dragon Roost Island, which served as their home base. The Dragon Valoo, a deity of sorts, provided the Rito with the magical scales necessary to grow wings and take flight.

The Breath of the Wild, another instalment in the franchise, also featured the Rito. In this game, their design underwent a considerable evolution, now resembling more bird-like creatures with fully developed wings and talons. They resided in Rito Village, nestled within the Tabantha region. The Rito played a significant part in the game’s storyline, with key characters such as Revali, Teba, and Kass making appearances.

These winged beings have a rich culture, with their own customs, clothing styles, and music. They are known for their exceptional archery skills and aerial combat abilities, which players can observe in both The Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild. Throughout the series, the Rito’s adaptability, resourcefulness, and strength have made them memorable and fascinating characters in the expansive universe of the Legend of Zelda.


Supply-Eyeing Fliers Quest Guide

Supply-Eyeing Fliers Quest Guide

Supply-Eyeing Fliers is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom that you will pick up from a Rito who is trapped on the top…
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Supply-Eyeing Fliers Quest Guide

Supply-Eyeing Fliers is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom that you will pick up from a Rito who is trapped on the top of a hill with three creatures flying above him, stopping him from leaving. He will...
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