Coolest Video Game Villains

When starting this list I thought it was a great idea because there are loads of villains from games that are cool but when it...

Is 3D Dead?

After James Cameron's success with Avatar he successfully planted the seed and everyone got caught up in 3D being the next big thing. 2013 saw...

Meet Russia's Answer to Flappy Bird...Vladi Bird

Having Flappy Bird withdrawal symptoms? Want to get into the zone for the Olympics? Then i present to you Vladi Bird! Just like Flappy Bird...

FF7 - Those Who Fight Further Played on Sixteen Floppy Drives

Who ever thought that the hugely obsolite storage format could be good for anything than a paper weight! Well it would seem that people are...

Greatest Guns From Last Gen

The last generation of gaming gave life to some amazing video games. While some games gave us the same old weapons as before, there were...

Stick It To The Man Review

Stick It To The Man is a beautiful and wacky adventure through a cardboard world that brings back childhood memories of cardboard villages. The games...

Real Life Gaming Gadgets Wishlist

Video game gadgets are often complex and will likely never be remotely possible to exist in the real world, which sucks because there are some...

Let's Play - Hit Others

This game is simply just canned mayhem and we love it. check out the Band at

Most Artistic Game Visuals From Last Gen

Every now and then a development team will come along and make a game that breaks away from the shiny Unreal Engine graphics and makes...

Most Annoying Escort Missions Ever

Hey protect me while i put myself in unnecessary danger! We all hate the moment when we have to protect an NPC while they perform...