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Bugs Didn't Kill Cyberpunk, The Game Just Isn't That Good!

Cyberpunk 2077 will go down as being one of the worst video game launches of all time. A game that had an army of gamers desperately waiting to play, launched unfinished. A plague of bugs disrupted almost every aspect of...

Missing final clue at Mrs. Driscolls house

Where is the final clue in Mrs Driscolls house as part of the rat paper scissors quest in stranger things
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Paradise Lost Review

Score: 7/10
The walking simulator genre is take it or leave it style of game for many people. Drop your guns and platforming in exchange for an immersive experience where your inquisitive nature is the main game mechanic at your disposal. A...

Is Paradise Lost a scary game?

Is Paradise lost a scary game that has jump scares and other frightening things?
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How to get a stamped pass/letter for Valsembor

When you exist the large yokel tent and attempt to enter the town of Valsembor, the security guard at the gate will stop you and say you need a stamped town pass in order to enter. Here is what you...

How do I invite a friend for coop?

How do I invite my friend to play online with me in farcry 5?

How to find a way into the boat house - sunken funds

How do you get inside the locked boathouse for the sunken funds quest?
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Syberia 3


How do you unlock the lift at the asylum with the key?

How are you meant to solve the puzzle with the squid key to unlock the elevator door at the asylum?

What are the correct lie detector answers?

What are the correct answers to the questions the doctor asks you while you are doing the lie detector test at the asylum?