Lara Croft GO Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Lara Croft GO below. This game is developed by . Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP0 points
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key-of-snakes achievement icon
Find the Key of Snakes
key-of-stones achievement icon
Find the Key of Stones
atlas-of-beyond achievement icon
Discover the Atlas of Beyond
key-of-spirits achievement icon
Find the Key of Spirits
ophidiophobia achievement icon
Slay the Queen of Venom
archaeologist_2 achievement icon
Find a Relic Fragment
historian achievement icon
Historian 0 XP
Complete a Relic
curator achievement icon
Curator 0 XP
Complete all Relics
gathering-moss achievement icon
Get crushed by a Boulder
preservation-society achievement icon
Break all Vases
getting-crafty achievement icon
Stack two Pillars
master-builder_1 achievement icon
Stack three Pillars
put-this-apple-on-your-head achievement icon
Throw a spear six nodes or farther
into-the-abyss achievement icon
Kill a creature by making it fall to its death
immortal-no-more achievement icon
Unearth the Shard of Life
deja-vu_1 achievement icon
Déjà-vu 0 XP
Slay the same creature four times in a row
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