Death Stranding Box Art

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is the first game from Hideo Kojima's new studio Kojima productions. Since parting ways with Konami in what appeared to be a bitter riff, we have known he is working on a new project, but it was kept under wraps until launch. The game launched to mixed reviews. Some people were very fond of the game and how it tried to do something different. The other side of…


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Games Like Pokémon Go: Embark on Augmented Reality Adventures

Pokémon Go took the world by storm, revolutionizing mobile gaming with its innovative use of augmented reality (AR) and location-based gameplay. If you've explored every nook and cranny of your neighborhood and are craving more AR adventures, you're in luck....
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How Much Walking Is There In Death Stranding?

Death Stranding is getting a lot of heat for having a lot of walking. The game is pretty much a delivery simulator, but how much walking is really involved, is it as bad as everyone says or has the hype...