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Doom Box Art


In the future, humans have left Earth and settled throughout the galaxy. On Mars, the Union Aerospace Corporation has established a radioactive waste facility and allowed the military to conduct teleportation experiments on the nearby moons of Deimos and Phobos. Hours ago, the base on Mars began receiving incoherent distress messages from Phobos, while Deimos has disappeared completely. With all attempts to establish contact failing, you and your team have…


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Most Iconic Video Game Sound Effects

What does the shrill sound of a power-up in Super Mario, or the iconic "Fus Ro Dah" from Skyrim, do to you? Does it evoke a sense of nostalgia or pump you up to dive into a virtual world? If...
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Dungeons & Dragons Soundboard

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Dungeons and Dragons has remained one of the biggest tabletop RPGs ever made. Even though the franchise has expanded into video games and various other formats, the tabletop game still holds a special charm. For those looking to enhance the...
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Hilarious Doom Mod Replaces All Sound Effects With Human Sound Effects

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I love seeing mods like this. While they are not something you would want to play with all the time, the mods that change the games in this way are always funny. Doom is a classic game with very unique...