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Top PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

Sony has always put a large focus on exclusive games. When a large number of third party publishers started publishing games on the Xbox, Sony invested heavily in gathering lots of new studios to create exclusive games for their consoles....
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Handheld Gaming Is Dead

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There was a time when handheld gaming was all the rage. Nintendo had domination over the market and was churning out some brilliant games. The PSP came along in the mid-2000s and blew us out of the water. How could...
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Elite Playstation Controller with No Headphone Jack Announced

Post - Jerkburglars
Sony have been under a lot of pressure over the past few years to release an elite Playstation controller similar to what is offered for the Xbox One. For those wanting a better experience with the controller and others who...
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Rumor : Leaked Pictures of PS4 Slim

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The time has come again where we now have another leak of a potential new piece of gaming hardware. Seems like it only a few months ago that we had a leak of a new Nintendo handheld, which turned out...