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Resistance: Fall of Man Box Art

Resistance: Fall of Man

In an alternate 1951, Sgt. Nathan Hale is among a unit of US soldiers sent to aid the British military against the invading aliens, known as Chimera. When Hale's unit is completely wiped out in a surprise attack, he struggles for survival...


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Resistance Fall of Man Was An Underrated Franchise

Resistance Fall of Man was the first game I owned for the PS3. It was a launch title, so I'd imagine a huge percentage of early adopters had this as their first game too. It was a pretty good game...
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Resistance 3 3D Review

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If you have played this game before in 2D the first thing that you will notice is the visual quality has taken a bit of a hit. The textures don't seem as sharp and there are a lot more jaggies,...