Journey Glyph Locations Walkthrough

Journey Glyph Locations Walkthrough

As you make your way across the desert you will find the occasional white orb thing, often in hidden locations. These are glyphs. Collecting one…
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Journey Box Art


A third-person adventure game in which the player, controlling a robed figure, makes a pilgrimage through a desert landscape to a rugged mountain with a beacon of light in the distance while uncovering the history of their people, rescuing and cooperating with friendly creatures, avoiding predatory ones and communicating with other travelers.
Final Fantasy XV Box Art

Final Fantasy XV

Play as Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, as you seek to reclaim your homeland from the imperial army. With your closet friends along for the ride, you’ll travel through the breath-taking world of Eos encountering larger-than-life beasts and unforgiving enemies. Face thrilling combat as you learn to master your weaponry and magic skills by channeling the power of your ancestors.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Box Art

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

RPG and sequel to The Witcher 2 (2011), The Witcher 3 follows witcher Geralt of Rivia as he seeks out his former lover and his young subject while intermingling with the political workings of the wartorn Northern Kingdoms. Geralt has to fight monsters and deal with people of all sorts in order to solve complex problems and settle contentious disputes, each ranging from the personal to the world-changing.


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The Best Warhammer 40k Race

Welcome, fellow tabletop enthusiasts and Warhammer 40k aficionados, to this epic countdown of the Best Warhammer 40k Races! In a grimdark future where there is only war, it's always a good time to dive into the rich and complex Warhammer...
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Best Side Quests From The Witcher 3

In the immersive world of The Witcher 3, danger and intrigue lie not only in the main questline but also in the spellbinding side quests riddled throughout the Continent. These quests give this fantastical realm its richness, depth, and flavor....
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Games Like Final Fantasy XV: Embark on Epic RPG Journeys

Final Fantasy XV captured the hearts of players with its grandiose world, captivating characters, and immersive RPG gameplay. If you've delved into the realms of Eos as Noctis and his companions and are hungry for more epic RPG adventures, you're...
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The Evolution of Firearms in Gaming: A Journey Through Time

Gaming Posts
Have you ever wondered how the virtual firearms we enjoy today came to be? From pixelated blasters to ultra-realistic simulations, guns in video games have come a long way. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see how firearms...
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Desert Name Generator

Imagine you're crafting an epic story set in a vast, mysterious desert. You've got the plot, the characters, and the setting all figured out, but you're stuck on one crucial detail: the perfect desert name. That's where a desert name...
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Journey Glyph Locations Walkthrough

As you make your way across the desert you will find the occasional white orb thing, often in hidden locations. These are glyphs. Collecting one of these will increase the length of your scarf and in turn, will increase the...