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Augmented reality is something that falls into a similar area to virtual reality in that they both currently require some sort of headset or screen to provide the modifications to the world, but with one major difference. Augmented reality takes place in the real world rather than being something that is in a digitally rendered world.

AR headsets are similar to VR but they normally have some kind of clear visor or glasses, allowing the user to see the real world through them. Some pieces of tech in the headset will then project additional data onto the visor to augment what the user sees.

Games like Pokemon Go have also made use of AR via smartphones by using the phone camera to capture the reality and then using the phone screen to render something unique into this picture. This is currently the most easily accessible method of augmented reality that is available on the market.

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Pokemon Go

For a very long time, Pokemon games have stuck to a very similar formula that has served the franchise very well over the years. Pokemon Go was a major shift in direction by turning the process of catching wild Pokemon...
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How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

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The Difference Between VR and AR

Acronyms are confusing at the best of times. When it comes to emerging gaming tech, AR and VR are two that most people hear a lot. They both end in Reality, that must mean something right? They are both similar...
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Games Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go's huge explosion in popularity was down to an interesting gameplay idea combined with the already massively popular Pokemon franchise. The initial madness is now over and the game has a steady player base, but what about alternatives. Do...


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