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Chapter 1 - The Deep Sleep

Guide By Optimusmart 1. You will start the game at your house. Double check your options first once able to do so just to make sure what you selected above has been applied. Quest Begins; WAR NEVER CHANGES 2. Pretty...
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How To Tame A Donkey In Minecraft

To tame a donkey you don't actually need to have any supplies, but if you want to keep the donkey I suggest you use a saddle and a rope so you can properly ride it and it won't run away...
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Qs Helmet Code

Early on in the game you will find out that Zero is clearly wearing a disguise to hide his true identity. You will not find out his true identity until you are close to the end of the game. It...
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Quantum Computer Code - Time Dilemma

You will receive the Quantum Computer code from Zero in one of the Q team endings. He directly gives it to you, so there is no way for you to miss this code once he gives it to you. There...
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Force Quit Box D Team Password

This is one of the passwords that was not immediately obvious. It may take a few different endings to be completed before you make the connection. The clue for this are the mothers memento's. These items belong to 2 of...
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Door Of Truth Code

The door of truth is found in the shower/locker room. The password will not be known until you complete 2 separate timelines. One gives you the clue and the other will give you the code, but you may not know...
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Q Team 3 Way Standoff Options

When you are in the library there will be a Q team 3 way standoff where you need to input a piece of text that will determine the outcome of the standoff. There are 4 possible outcomes, all of which...
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Library / Zeros Study Walkthrough

Start by walking over to the desk in the middle of the room and look inside the drawer. You will get a key with a human figure on it. Take this key over to the safe that has a matching...
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Pod Room Walkthrough

At the far end of the room you will see a large number wheel. To the left of this there is a puzzle. Solve this puzzle and you will get a hammer. Based on the note from the ground you...
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Control Room Walkthrough

Go over to the desk and collect the circuit board that is placed on top of this. The board has 3,10 and 7 written on it. Move around the room and interact with the poster on the wall that has...


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