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Spyro the Dragon - Gnasty Gnorc Boss Fight Guide

Gnasty Gnork is the final boss in Spyro The Dragon. Upon entering the realm where you confront him, you will have to go though some platforming trials in order to defeat him. This is one of the easier boss fights,...
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Spyro The Dragon - All Dragon Eggs Guide

This video guide will show you where to find all 12 of the secret dragon eggs from Spyro the Dragon. There will be 12 of those little guys wrapped up in the robes that have the dragon eggs. You need...
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Fallout 4 Basics

Guide By OptimusmartThe game does provide you with some minor TUTORIALS early on, mainly the first time you perform a certain action, make sure you read these carefully so you understand the game and because the TUTORIALS will only appear...
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Fallout 4 Chapter Walkthrough

Guide By OptimusmartThis part is VERY IMPORTANT so make sure you read it so that you don't misinterpret anything I state in the Guide.AbbreviationsI wont always use Abbreviations but here they are for when I do use,SBC/s: Select bottom choice/sQM:...


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