Zombie Castaways Achievement List

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Total XP10000 points
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10 Achievements

my-first-set achievement icon
My first set 500 XP
Collect and exchange any set.
my-first-harvest achievement icon
Collect a harvest of Blueberry.
my-first-chest achievement icon
Open a chest left after a stone or a tree.
my-first-recipes achievement icon
Cook 3 Necroclovers.
junior_9 achievement icon
Junior 500 XP
Reach Level 5.
rookie-builder achievement icon
Rookie Builder 1000 XP
Build a Lighthouse.
thirst-for-knowledge_1 achievement icon
Build a University.
amateur_10 achievement icon
Amateur 1500 XP
Reach Level 25.
home-expansion achievement icon
Home expansion 1500 XP
Open the area behind the fence.
professional_18 achievement icon
Professional 2000 XP
Reach Level 50.
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