XP Button Achievement List

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Total XP100000 points
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10 Achievements

first-coin achievement icon
First Coin! 2000 XP
Congratulations for your First Coin, Keep Pressing!
100-coins achievement icon
100 Coins! 3000 XP
100 coins?? Now your chest is getting Heavy.
500-coins achievement icon
500 coins! 5000 XP
500 Coins, Nice.
750-coins achievement icon
750 Coins! 5500 XP
You are doing a Good Job.
1000-coins achievement icon
1000 Coins! 6000 XP
WoW, You have now 1000 Coins.
1500-coins achievement icon
1500 Coins! 7500 XP
Your finger is getting stronger, Keep Doing this.
2500-coins achievement icon
2500 Coins! 14000 XP
Incredible, you have now 2500 coins!
3500-coins achievement icon
3500 Coins! 17000 XP
3500 Coins Now, the next will be easy for you.
6666-coins achievement icon
6666 Coins! 20000 XP
Now you are The Master. Congratulations!
three-in-a-row_1 achievement icon
Three in a row 20000 XP
Earn 3 times "5 Coins" in a row from the ultimate box.
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