Xenowerk Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Xenowerk below. This game is developed by Pixelbite. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP32000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


mow-em-down achievement icon
Mow Em Down! 500 XP
Kill 50 mutants.
special-ops achievement icon
Special Ops! 1000 XP
Kill 100 mutants.
killing-machine_1 achievement icon
Kill 200 mutants.
medal-of-honor_1 achievement icon
Medal of Honor! 2000 XP
Kill 400 mutants.
specialist_3 achievement icon
Specialist! 500 XP
Unlock a Special Power.
captain-specialist achievement icon
Unlock three Special Powers.
major-specialist achievement icon
Unlock five Special Powers.
objective-complete achievement icon
Complete an objective.
saving-bullets achievement icon
Kill two mutants in one shot.
collateral-damage_1 achievement icon
Kill three mutants in one shot.
firepower achievement icon
Firepower! 1500 XP
Kill four or more mutants in one shot.
upgrade_6 achievement icon
Upgrade! 500 XP
Upgrade your weapon.
gunpower achievement icon
Gunpower! 1000 XP
Max upgrade a weapon.
vending-vandal achievement icon
Destroy 5 vending machines in a mission.
vending-destructor achievement icon
Destroy 10 vending machines in a mission.
one-down achievement icon
One down! 500 XP
Complete a mission.
on-a-mission achievement icon
On a mission! 1000 XP
Complete 10 missions.
mission-complete_1 achievement icon
Complete 30 missions.
area-clear achievement icon
Area clear! 1000 XP
Complete a shaft.
perimieter-secured achievement icon
Complete two shafts.
clean-house achievement icon
Clean House! 2000 XP
Complete three shafts.
score_6 achievement icon
Score! 500 XP
Score higher than 10000
highscore achievement icon
Highscore! 1000 XP
Score higher than 50000
ultrascore achievement icon
Ultrascore! 1500 XP
Score higher than 100000
own-it achievement icon
Own it! 500 XP
Earn a level three rating on a floor.
shaft-specialist achievement icon
Earn a level three rating on all Medical Research floors.
rating-boss achievement icon
Rating Boss! 1500 XP
Earn a level three rating on all Military Branch floors.
rating-master achievement icon
Rating Master! 2000 XP
Earn a level three rating on all Factory X floors.
decked-out_1 achievement icon
Decked out! 2000 XP
Max upgrade all weapons.
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