Wind-up Knight Achievement List

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Robot Invader
Total XP60000 points
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16 Achievements

too-easy achievement icon
Too Easy 500 XP
Complete Disembark.
booked-i achievement icon
Booked I 2500 XP
Complete chapters 1 through 12 of Book I.
booked-ii achievement icon
Booked II 5000 XP
Complete chapters 1 through 12 of Book II.
booked-iii achievement icon
Booked III 7500 XP
Complete chapters 1 through 12 of Book III.
booked-iv achievement icon
Booked IV 10000 XP
Complete chapters 1 through 12 of Book IV.
what-a-knightmare achievement icon
Complete a Knightmare chapter.
elite-knighthood achievement icon
Elite Knighthood 10000 XP
S Rank ALL chapters of Books I through IV.
decked-out achievement icon
Decked Out 7500 XP
Collect ALL the hidden cards.
hard-headed achievement icon
Hard Headed 500 XP
Earn the Hard Helm.
too-hard achievement icon
Too Hard 5000 XP
Complete Turnover’s Fair Play.
carded achievement icon
Carded 500 XP
Find a hidden card.
passing-grades achievement icon
Passing Grades 2500 XP
Earn a total of 24 A (or better) Ranks.
chicken achievement icon
Chicken 2500 XP
In a chapter which has them, complete the chapter without destroying a single cockatrice.
davy-jones-locker achievement icon
You walked the plank in Docked Wages!
trolled achievement icon
Trolled 500 XP
You took the Troll’s only possession! His loss is your gain.
short-changed achievement icon
Short Changed 2500 XP
Complete a level without collecting any coins. Good luck!
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