Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Achievement List

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP31000 points
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21 Achievements

for-russ-and-the-allfather achievement icon
Complete 'Brothers at Arms' mission
first-blood_4 achievement icon
First Blood 500 XP
Defeat 3 opponents in multiplayer
last-stand_1 achievement icon
Last Stand 500 XP
Survive the 5th wave in the Survival Mode.
judge-s-claw achievement icon
Judge's Claw 1000 XP
Kill 100 Cultists
judge-s-fang achievement icon
Judge's Fang 1500 XP
Kill 300 Cultists
judge-s-fury achievement icon
Judge's Fury 2000 XP
Kill 500 Cultists
piercer-s-claw achievement icon
Piercer's Claw 1500 XP
Kill 10 Chaos Terminators
piercer-s-fang achievement icon
Piercer's Fang 2000 XP
Kill 20 Chaos Terminators
piercer-s-fury achievement icon
Piercer's Fury 2500 XP
Kill 50 Chaos Terminators
canis-helix achievement icon
Canis Helix 1000 XP
Unlock all 3 types of armor
dragongaze-s-follower achievement icon
Became a Legendary League member in multiplayer
secured-by-the-allfather achievement icon
Defeat opponent in multiplayer with Hero, having less than 50 HP
hunting-birds achievement icon
Hunting birds 2500 XP
Kill 100 Raptors
more-mjod achievement icon
More Mjod! 1000 XP
Destroy 30 barrels
ultimate-sirvivalist achievement icon
Survive the 10th wave in the Survival Mode.
hiden-1 achievement icon
Hiden 1 500 XP
Complete 'Brothers at Arms' mission
hiden-2 achievement icon
Hiden 2 1000 XP
Receive all skulls in Campaign's 1 Act
hiden-3 achievement icon
Hiden 3 1500 XP
Receive all skulls in Campaign's 2 Act
hiden-4 achievement icon
Hiden 4 2000 XP
Receive all skulls in Campaign's 3 Act
hiden-5 achievement icon
Hiden 5 1000 XP
Unlock all 3 types of armor
hiden-6 achievement icon
Hiden 6 500 XP
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