VEGA Conflict Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for VEGA Conflict below. This game is developed by KIXEYE. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP39000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


renovating achievement icon
Renovating 500 XP
Upgrade the Bridge to level 2
home-improvement_1 achievement icon
Upgrade the Bridge to level 3
zero-g-water-feature achievement icon
Upgrade the Bridge to level 5
take-out-the-trash achievement icon
Dispose of a fully mined Asteroid
housekeeping achievement icon
Housekeeping 1000 XP
Dispose 10 fully mined Asteroids
vacuum-cleaner achievement icon
Vacuum Cleaner 1500 XP
Dispose 100 fully mined Asteroids
first-base achievement icon
First Base 500 XP
Defeat a player's base
base-invader achievement icon
Base Invader 1000 XP
Defeat 10 player bases
all-your-base_1 achievement icon
All Your Base 1500 XP
Defeat 100 player bases
breaking-the-contract achievement icon
Defeat a level 10 Cargo fleet or higher
the-terms-of-our-agreement achievement icon
Defeat a level 33 VEGA fleet or higher
the-termination-clause achievement icon
Defeat a level 55 VEGA fleet or higher
decorated-officer achievement icon
Reach 15 or more Medals
distinguished-service achievement icon
Reach 50 or more Medals
medal-of-honor achievement icon
Medal of Honor 1500 XP
Reach 150 or more Medals
playground-bully achievement icon
Defeat a player's fleet
street-fighting achievement icon
Street Fighting 1000 XP
Defeat 15 player fleets
earning-a-reputation achievement icon
Defeat 75 player fleets
get-off-my-lawn achievement icon
Defend your Bridge during an incursion
home-security-system achievement icon
Defend your Bridge during an incursion 25 times
hold-down-the-fort achievement icon
Defend your Bridge during an incursion 100 times
squeaky-voice achievement icon
Squeaky Voice 500 XP
Store 50,000 Helium-3 at one time
lighter-than-air achievement icon
Store 1,000,000 Helium-3 at one time
99-million-red-balloons achievement icon
Store 99,000,000 Helium-3 at one time
space-truckers achievement icon
Store 50,000 Mineral Ore at one time
the-bonus-situation achievement icon
Store 1,000,000 Mineral Ore at one time
mining-magnate achievement icon
Mining Magnate 1500 XP
Store 100,000,000 Mineral Ore at one time
explosive-barrels achievement icon
Store 25,000 Antimatter at one time
dangerous-goods achievement icon
Dangerous Goods 1000 XP
Store 500,000 Antimatter at one time
hazardous-materials achievement icon
Store 50,000,000 Antimatter at one time
double-digits achievement icon
Double Digits 500 XP
Reach Base Level 10
drinking-age achievement icon
Drinking Age 1000 XP
Reach Base Level 21
midlife-crisis achievement icon
Midlife Crisis 1500 XP
Reach Base Level 40
mission-possible achievement icon
Claim 5 Mission Rewards
mission-critical achievement icon
Claim 25 Mission Rewards
mission-complete achievement icon
Claim 75 Mission Rewards
early-adopter achievement icon
Early Adopter 500 XP
Complete a Blueprint item
data-commander achievement icon
Data Commander 1000 XP
Complete 10 Blueprint items
we-have-the-technology achievement icon
Complete 50 Blueprint items
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