Unblock Me FREE Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Unblock Me FREE below. This game is developed by Kiragames Co., Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP66000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-time achievement icon
First Time 1000 XP
Complete your first puzzle in Relax Mode.
puzzle-master achievement icon
Puzzle Master 1000 XP
Solve a puzzle and get 3 stars in Challenge Mode.
fast-thinking achievement icon
Fast Thinking 2000 XP
Solve a puzzle within 10 seconds.
novice_1 achievement icon
Novice 2000 XP
Complete 2000 "Beginner" puzzles.
apprentice_1 achievement icon
Apprentice 2000 XP
Complete 1000 "Intermediate" puzzles.
expert_1 achievement icon
Expert 2000 XP
Complete 500 "Advanced" puzzles.
grand-master achievement icon
Grand Master 2000 XP
Complete 400 "Expert" puzzles.
collection achievement icon
Collection 4000 XP
Collect 3 stars in 2,000 puzzles.
ultimate-collection achievement icon
Collect 3 stars in 4,000 puzzles.
perfectionist_3 achievement icon
Perfectionist 10000 XP
Collect 3 stars in 8,000 puzzles.
so-easy achievement icon
So Easy! 2000 XP
Complete all "Beginner" puzzles!
more-difficulties-please achievement icon
Complete all "Intermediate" puzzles!
make-them-harder achievement icon
Complete all "Advanced" puzzles!
i-m-a-genius achievement icon
I'm a Genius! 2000 XP
Complete all "Expert" puzzles!
unblock-me-addicted achievement icon
Complete all puzzles in both Relax Mode and Challenge Mode.
move-the-world achievement icon
Move The World 10000 XP
Move the blocks more than 500,000 times.
scraping-by achievement icon
Scraping By! 1000 XP
Get 1 Star from 5 Puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode
consistent-solver achievement icon
Get 2 Star from 4 Puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode
triple-perfect-free achievement icon
Get 3 Star from 3 Puzzles in a row in Challenge Mode
great-start achievement icon
Great Start! 1000 XP
Solve the first Puzzle in all 5 puzzle pack in Relax Mode
on-a-row achievement icon
On A Row 1000 XP
Solve the first 5 Puzzles in any puzzle pack in Relax or Challenge Mode
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