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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for ULTRAFLOW below. This game is developed by Ultrateam. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-rebound achievement icon
First Rebound 500 XP
Rebound one time. --------- You have made your first rebound ! It seems that you have learned how to play by yourself...
no-tutorial-needed achievement icon
Rebound 25 times. --------- 25 rebounds ! You are now playing for real !
the-one-hundred achievement icon
The One Hundred 1000 XP
Rebound 100 times. --------- No pun intended. 100 rebounds.
lots-of-particles achievement icon
Rebound 250 times. --------- 250 rebounds. Wow. It seems that you really like our game !
500_44 achievement icon
500 2000 XP
Rebound 500 times. --------- I don't really know what to say. 500 rebounds. Like five hundred rebounds...
over-one-thousand achievement icon
Rebound 999 times. --------- Do you think the screen of your phone can break if you launch too hard?
y2k-bug achievement icon
Y2K Bug 3500 XP
Rebound 1999 times. --------- Stop this.
road-to-4k achievement icon
Road To 4K 4000 XP
Rebound 3999 times. --------- Ok I don't think anyone can do this. I don't even know if there is enough space on the Stats screen.
try-hard_3 achievement icon
Try Hard 500 XP
Die 10 times. --------- You have retried 10 time. If you don't give up now, you will die a lot more.
failing-is-an-art-form achievement icon
Die 50 times. --------- You have died 50 time. Have you tried the "thrown against a wall" way to die?
heave_1 achievement icon
Heave 1500 XP
Die 100 times. --------- Wow, a hundred deaths, that's a hell of a lot!
stop-trying achievement icon
Stop Trying 2000 XP
Die 150 times. --------- One hundred and fifty deaths. Stop killing abstract circles and shapes, you monster!
hecathomb achievement icon
Hecathomb 2500 XP
Die 200 times. --------- Do video games characters feel pain?
massacre_1 achievement icon
Massacre 3000 XP
Die 250 times. --------- Have you stopped feeling your fingers yet?
half-a-thousand-deaths achievement icon
Die 500 times. --------- That's a lot. I mean, a lot of deaths.
999-problems-but-death-ain-t-one achievement icon
Die 999 times. --------- Have you finished the game yet? If not, there is a problem, if so, there is a problem too.
10-minutes achievement icon
10 Minutes 500 XP
Play 10 minutes. --------- You seem to be hooked.
30-minutes achievement icon
30 Minutes 1000 XP
Play 30 minutes. --------- Half an hour! If you have not finished the game yet that's quite normal.
the-hour achievement icon
The Hour 1500 XP
Play 60 minutes. --------- One hour! You really like challenge!
90-minutes achievement icon
90 Minutes 2500 XP
Play 90 minutes. --------- That's one hour and a half! It's the duration of Alfonso CuarĂ³n's movie "Gravity"!
boost-me-up achievement icon
Boost Me Up 2000 XP
Encounter a Booster. --------- You have encountered your first Booster!
slow-down achievement icon
Slow Down 2000 XP
Encounter a Slower. --------- It's the first time the game wants you to move slower, so launch harder!
brick-breaker achievement icon
Brick Breaker 2000 XP
Encounter a Destructible Wall. --------- Destruction is fun. Lots of particles.
newton_2 achievement icon
Newton 2000 XP
Encounter an Attractive Trigger. --------- Are you good in physics? Well, we'll see.
white-hole achievement icon
White Hole 2000 XP
Encounter a Repulsive Trigger. --------- Do you know what a white hole is? The opposite of a black hole. We know that black holes exist. But that's not the case of white holes. The more you know.
1_335 achievement icon
1 3000 XP
Finish the first chapter.
2_131 achievement icon
2 3000 XP
Finish the second chapter.
3_114 achievement icon
3 3000 XP
Finish the third chapter.
4_51 achievement icon
4 3000 XP
Finish the fourth chapter.
5_176 achievement icon
5 3000 XP
Finish the fifth chapter.
6_31 achievement icon
6 3000 XP
Finish the sixth chapter.
7_30 achievement icon
7 3000 XP
Finish the seventh chapter.
8_38 achievement icon
8 3000 XP
Finish the eighth chapter.
9_28 achievement icon
9 3000 XP
Finish the ninth chapter.
10_216 achievement icon
10 3000 XP
Finish the tenth chapter.
11_13 achievement icon
11 3500 XP
Finish the last chapter.
poor-screen achievement icon
Poor Screen 2500 XP
Tap 999 times on your screen. --------- I think your thumb melted, you should check.
help-me achievement icon
Help Me! 1000 XP
Use a Pass. --------- Oh, is that so hard?
gratitude-gratuity achievement icon
You have visited our donation page! Since the game is free, don't hesitate to donate something if you've enjoyed it! We would really appreciate it <3
thank-you_2 achievement icon
Thank you! 1000 XP
If you have rated our game, thank you! If not, well, hum, thank you anyway...
destroy-them-with-lazers achievement icon
Destroy most of the Space Invader (level 21). --------- You really can't stand them huh?
skill-or-luck achievement icon
Skill or Luck? 3500 XP
Finish level 99 in less than 5 attempts. --------- If you have unlocked this, show it to your friends and family. It means that you are a very skilled person. Or a very lucky one.
speedrunner_1 achievement icon
Speedrunner 6500 XP
Complete the game in less than 40 minutes without using a Pass. --------- You'll have to strive to get this achievement. This is the hardest one in the game. And the most valuable. Prove yourself to the world. If you've already finished the game but will to accept the challenge: - Go to the "OPTION" menu - Press the "RESET" button - Confirm (it will only reset the LEVEL progression and the timer of this specific achievement) - Play well and get this trophy
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