Troll Face Quest: Video Memes - Brain Game Achievement List

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Total XP97500 points
RatingsNo Ratings

9 Achievements

level-1-8-completed achievement icon
Complete Level 1-8.
level-9-16-completed achievement icon
level 9-16 completed
level-17-24-completed achievement icon
Complete Level 17-24.
level-25-32-completed achievement icon
Complete Level 25-32.
level-33-40-completed achievement icon
Complete Level 33-40.
10-ducks-found achievement icon
10 ducks found 10000 XP
Find 10 ducks.
game-completed achievement icon
Game completed 20000 XP
Complete all levels.
farter-80-lvl achievement icon
Farter 80 lvl 20000 XP
Fart in overcrowded elevator (highest level of Fart Lift game)
the-best-looser achievement icon
The best LOOSER 10000 XP
Lose 10 times in a row on any level
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