Troll Face Quest: TV Shows Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Troll Face Quest: TV Shows below. This game is developed by Spil Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


1st-level-completed_3 achievement icon
Welcome to Troll Face Quest!
8-levels-completed_3 achievement icon
First 8 levels completed
16-levels-completed_3 achievement icon
Half of the game is completed
24-levels-completed_2 achievement icon
24 levels crushed!
32-levels-completed_2 achievement icon
Time to discover secret levels
jr-loser_3 achievement icon
Jr. Loser 2500 XP
Losing 10 times in a row in any level
mr-loser_3 achievement icon
Mr. Loser 7500 XP
Lose in every level of the game
brown-panther achievement icon
Brown Panther 4000 XP
Enough pink!
trolling-troll achievement icon
Trolling Troll 3000 XP
The blue one is the right one?
pignie achievement icon
Pignie 1500 XP
a-game-of-waiting achievement icon
20-trolltons achievement icon
20 Trolltons 3000 XP
Tap again and again...
ambulance-bingo achievement icon
Ambulance bingo 1500 XP
First aid master
blue-john achievement icon
Blue John 3000 XP
Colder than red one
trolling-dead achievement icon
Trolling Dead 6500 XP
10 Zombie Heads found!
game-of-trolls achievement icon
Game of Trolls 6500 XP
10 swords found!
no-secrets achievement icon
No secrets 20000 XP
All secret levels completed
tfq-guru_3 achievement icon
TFQ guru 10000 XP
Outstanding Hi-Score
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