Troll Face Quest: Horror Achievement List

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Spil Games
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

13 Achievements

1st-level-completed_1 achievement icon
Welcome to Troll Face Quest Horror!
8-levels-completed_1 achievement icon
Half of the game is completed
16-levels-completed_1 achievement icon
Game completed... NOT
secret-level-completed achievement icon
No secrets left
jr-loser_1 achievement icon
Jr. Loser 6000 XP
Lose 10 times in a row on any level
mr-loser_1 achievement icon
Mr. Loser 8000 XP
Lose in every level of the game
tfq-guru_1 achievement icon
TFQ guru 10000 XP
Outstanding Hi-Score
helicopter-head achievement icon
Helicopter-head 8000 XP
I whip my hair back and forth
fartipede achievement icon
Fartipede 8000 XP
The Human Fartipede!
mannequins achievement icon
Mannequins 8000 XP
Giggling mannequins
the-moment-of-birth achievement icon
Welcome to this world, baby-troll!
eye-stopper achievement icon
Eye stopper 8000 XP
Stop staring dude!
birds-megapoo achievement icon
Birds megapoo 8000 XP
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