Trials Frontier Achievement List

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Total XP18000 points
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18 Achievements

wheel-of-fortune achievement icon
Spin the wheel for the first time
candy-king achievement icon
Candy King 1000 XP
Complete 10 missions for Mirella
fan-services achievement icon
Fan Services 1000 XP
Complete 10 missions for the Fanboy
missionary achievement icon
Missionary 1000 XP
Complete 100 missions
beep-beep_3 achievement icon
Beep Beep 1000 XP
Get the beacon up and running
not-a-kid-anymore achievement icon
Reach level 10
veteran_18 achievement icon
Veteran 1000 XP
Reach level 30
red-rocket achievement icon
Red Rocket 1000 XP
5 Upgrades to a bike
what-is-this-thing achievement icon
Get your first platinum medal
gold-bug achievement icon
Gold Bug 1000 XP
Get gold medal on 10 tracks
trial-s-fusion achievement icon
Trial's Fusion 1000 XP
Made Igor happy..for now
world-explorer_3 achievement icon
World Explorer 1000 XP
Unlock 50 tracks
reserve-banking achievement icon
Reserve Banking 1000 XP
Collect 10,000 coins
12-step-program achievement icon
12 Step Program 1000 XP
Log in and race at least one track 12 days straight
check_1 achievement icon
Check! 1000 XP
Activate 1000 checkpoints
not-quite-there-yet achievement icon
Die 10 times on a track
lady-luck achievement icon
Lady Luck 1000 XP
Spin the wheel 500 times
jumping-through-hoops achievement icon
Connect to Ubisoft Account
Rate The Game
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Rate The Visuals
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