Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Tiny Dangerous Dungeons below. This game is developed by Adventure Islands. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP11500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


nimble-navigator achievement icon
Find the Dungeon Map!
key-keeper achievement icon
Key Keeper 500 XP
Found all the Keys!
fruit-finder achievement icon
Fruit Finder 500 XP
Found the first hidden Life Fruit!
fruit-follower achievement icon
Find the second hidden Life Fruit!
fruit-forager achievement icon
Fruit Forager 500 XP
Find the third hidden Life Fruit!
fruit-fanatic achievement icon
Fruit Fanatic 500 XP
Find the fourth hidden Life Fruit!
health-hoarder achievement icon
Find all the hidden Life Fruits in a single playthrough!
power-pusher achievement icon
Power Pusher 500 XP
Find the Power Glove!
knife-thrower achievement icon
Knife Thrower 500 XP
Find the Throwing Knives!
water-walker achievement icon
Water Walker 500 XP
Find the Water Walking Boots!
critter-crusher achievement icon
Find the Spiked Soles!
treasure-hunter_21 achievement icon
Reached the Treasure Chamber!
spider-stomper achievement icon
Spider Stomper 1000 XP
Defeat the Final Boss!
statue-shunner achievement icon
Statue Shunner 1000 XP
Complete a playthrough without using any Save Statues
daredevil_3 achievement icon
Daredevil 1000 XP
Complete a playthrough without picking up any Life Fruits!
danger-dodger achievement icon
Danger Dodger 1000 XP
Complete a playthrough without dying!
fleet-feet achievement icon
Fleet Feet 500 XP
Complete the game in Time Trial mode!
speedrunner achievement icon
Speedrunner 1000 XP
Complete the game in Time Trial mode in under 15 minutes!
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