Timing Hero : Retro Fighting Action RPG Achievement List

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Buff Studio Co.,Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
Total XP50000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

10 Achievements

giant-killer achievement icon
Giant Killer 5000 XP
Clear 10 Stage
demon-killer achievement icon
Demon Killer 5000 XP
Clear 40 Stage
demon-hunter_4 achievement icon
Demon Hunter 5000 XP
Clear 80 Stage
hero-collector_1 achievement icon
Hero Collector 5000 XP
Unlock 10 Heroes by defeating bosses.
perfectionist_20 achievement icon
Perfectionist 5000 XP
Upgrade all stats to Max
artifact-colletor achievement icon
Collect 5 Artifacts
thrill-mania achievement icon
Thrill Mania 5000 XP
Get 100 Just!
time-controller achievement icon
Time Controller 5000 XP
Success 100 CounterAttack
one-punch-hero achievement icon
One-Punch Hero 5000 XP
Success 100 OverKill
space-controller achievement icon
Evade 100 ComboAttack
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