The Sims™ Mobile Achievement List

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Total XP100000 points
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10 Achievements

life-here-i-come achievement icon
Let's play!
living-the-lifestyle achievement icon
Create a dream home and live the ultimate lifestyle
hello-world achievement icon
Hello, world! 10000 XP
Hit the town and go to Parkside
gainfully-employed achievement icon
Join a career to start raking in the Simoleons
better-together achievement icon
Better together 10000 XP
Another Sim is ready to join your household
tasteful-decorator achievement icon
Place high quality objects in your home
renaissance-sim achievement icon
Renaissance Sim 10000 XP
Expand your horizons by starting a hobby
a-little-older-a-little-wiser achievement icon
Age up a Sim and earn more Traits
party-time achievement icon
Party time! 10000 XP
Party at your place! Invite all your friends
the-legacy-begins achievement icon
Inherit your first heirloom
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