The Last Vikings Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for The Last Vikings below. This game is developed by Springloaded Ltd.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP44000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


quite-the-oar-deal achievement icon
Built the second boat
moor-often-than-knot achievement icon
Built the third boat
aboat-time achievement icon
Aboat Time! 1500 XP
Built the fifth boat
unfathomable achievement icon
Unfathomable 2500 XP
Built the tenth boat
colo-not-solo achievement icon
Colo Not Solo 500 XP
Met Maria
ave-maria achievement icon
Ave Maria 2000 XP
Met Maria 50 times
i-ve-taken-a-viking-to-you achievement icon
Checked in on 10 different days
seas-the-day achievement icon
Seas the Day 1000 XP
Checked in on 25 different days
having-a-shipload-of-fun achievement icon
Checked in on 50 different days
vikings-are-love-vikings-are-life achievement icon
Checked in on 100 different days
smooth-sailing achievement icon
Smooth Sailing 2000 XP
Beaten wave 5
unstoppable_17 achievement icon
Unstoppable 3500 XP
Beaten wave 15
only-the-beginning-again achievement icon
Reached the second journey
legend-never-ends achievement icon
Reached the third journey
legacy-etched-forever achievement icon
Built the town statue
charismatic achievement icon
Charismatic 1000 XP
Unlocked 10 heroes
hero-hoarder achievement icon
Hero Hoarder 1500 XP
Unlocked 40 heroes
the-legend-begins achievement icon
Leveled up a hero
blessed-by-odin achievement icon
Blessed by Odin 2000 XP
Leveled a hero to level 5
well-equipped achievement icon
Well Equipped 1000 XP
Collected 10 unique weapons
weapon-connoisseur achievement icon
Collected 50 unique weapons
novice-weapon-smith achievement icon
Forged a weapon
who-needs-thor-s-hammer achievement icon
Forged a weapon to max level
journeyman-forger achievement icon
Forged 10 weapons
ironforge achievement icon
Ironforge! 1500 XP
Forged 100 weapons
hands-of-god achievement icon
Hands of God 3000 XP
Forged 1000 weapons
welcome-to-the-dark-side achievement icon
Destroyed a friend's relic
et-tu-brute achievement icon
Et Tu, Brute? 1500 XP
Destroyed 10 friends' relics
saint_1 achievement icon
Saint 500 XP
Showed mercy
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