The East New World Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for The East New World below. This game is developed by TEN10 Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


noble achievement icon
Noble 2500 XP
Collect 10000 Gold Coins
baron achievement icon
Baron 2500 XP
Collect 100000 Gold Coins
peacemaker achievement icon
Peacemaker 2500 XP
Clear level 8 in Chap. 1 without killing any enemies
ironwind achievement icon
Ironwind 2500 XP
Clear level 8 in Chap. 2 without being hurt
armor-rack achievement icon
Armor Rack 2500 XP
Collect 17 suits of armor
master-of-arms achievement icon
Master of Arms 2500 XP
Collect 20 weapons
dream-home achievement icon
Dream Home 2500 XP
Collect 24 Relics
the-root-of-all-evil achievement icon
Pass level12 in Chap.3 without collecting coins
unwrapped achievement icon
Unwrapped 2500 XP
Kill the Ancient Mummy
dog-catcher achievement icon
Dog Catcher 2500 XP
Kill Anubis
indestructible achievement icon
Indestructible 2500 XP
Vanquish the Colossus Crab
no-turning-back achievement icon
No Turning Back 2500 XP
Defeat the Giant Piranha
the-rock achievement icon
The Rock 2500 XP
Extinguish the Lava Giant
reborn-in-flames achievement icon
Slay the Fire Dragon
savvy-butcher achievement icon
Savvy Butcher 2500 XP
Kill 1000 enemies
walk-in-the-rain achievement icon
Kill 5000 enemies
go-with-the-flow achievement icon
Kill 10000 enemies
demigod achievement icon
Demigod 2500 XP
Kill 20000 enemies
out-of-mana achievement icon
Out of Mana 2500 XP
Clear level 12 of Chap.1 without using magic
survivor_1 achievement icon
Survivor 2500 XP
Avoid the Rock Giant's pummeling 5 times
sharkskinned achievement icon
Sharkskinned 2500 XP
Escape the Merfolk's grasp 4 times
scarred achievement icon
Scarred 2500 XP
Evade the Fire Lizard's scorching heat 3 times
ruin-delver achievement icon
Ruin Delver 2500 XP
Collect all treasures in Chap. 1
deepwater-salvager achievement icon
Collect all treasures in Chap. 2
underworld-pilferer achievement icon
Collect all treasures in Chap. 3
relic-hunter achievement icon
Relic Hunter 2500 XP
Collect all treasures in Chap. 4
crystal-hoarder achievement icon
Crystal Hoarder 2500 XP
Collect all crystals in Chap. 1
crystal-diver achievement icon
Crystal Diver 2500 XP
Collect all crystals in Chap. 2
crystal-dreamer achievement icon
Crystal Dreamer 2500 XP
Collect all crystals in Chap. 3
master-of-memories achievement icon
Collect all crystals in Chap. 4
good-ending achievement icon
Good Ending 2500 XP
View the Good Ending
speedy_2 achievement icon
Speedy 2500 XP
Clear level 3 perfectly in Time Rush
speedster achievement icon
Speedster 2500 XP
Clear level 6 perfectly in Time Rush
master-of-time-and-space achievement icon
Clear level 9 perfectly in Time Rush
overflowing achievement icon
Overflowing 2500 XP
Collect 10 crystal fragments
gold-rush achievement icon
Gold Rush 2500 XP
Collect 20 crystal fragments
unstoppable-force achievement icon
Collect 30 crystal fragments
wight-of-the-night achievement icon
Collect 60 crystal fragments
siren-silencer achievement icon
Siren Silencer 2500 XP
Defeat the Succubus
final-judgement achievement icon
Final Judgement 2500 XP
Slay the Corrupted Knight
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