Taps to Riches Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Taps to Riches below. This game is developed by Game Circus LLC. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP77500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


wheelhouse achievement icon
Wheelhouse 500 XP
Buy the Motocity House
government-spending achievement icon
Buy the Capitalist Hill House
a-lister achievement icon
A-Lister 2000 XP
Buy the Moneywood House
tapanese-empire achievement icon
Tapanese Empire 3000 XP
Buy the Tapan House
island-getaway achievement icon
Island Getaway 4000 XP
Buy the Tycoon Island House
tapitalism-1 achievement icon
Tapitalism 1 1000 XP
Tap a house 10,000 times
tapitalism-2 achievement icon
Tapitalism 2 2000 XP
Tap a house 100,000 times
tapitalism-3 achievement icon
Tapitalism 3 3000 XP
Tap a house 250,000 times
brick-and-mortar-1 achievement icon
Buy 8 Businesses
brick-and-mortar-2 achievement icon
Buy 32 Businesses
brick-and-mortar-3 achievement icon
Buy 96 Businesses
fruit-of-your-labor-1 achievement icon
Earn $100 Trillion
fruit-of-your-labor-2 achievement icon
Earn $100 Bazillion
fruit-of-your-labor-3 achievement icon
Earn $100 Gajillion
sales-program-1 achievement icon
Activate 10 Bizbots
sales-program-2 achievement icon
Sales Program 2 2000 XP
Activate 100 Bizbots
sales-program-3 achievement icon
Sales Program 3 3000 XP
Activate 1000 Bizbots
sound-advice-1 achievement icon
Sound Advice 1 1000 XP
Earn 5 Advisors
sound-advice-2 achievement icon
Sound Advice 2 2500 XP
Earn 20 Advisors
sound-advice-3 achievement icon
Sound Advice 3 5000 XP
Earn 50 Advisors
windfall-1 achievement icon
Windfall 1 500 XP
Earn 10 Business Bonuses
windfall-2 achievement icon
Windfall 2 1000 XP
Earn 25 Business Bonuses
windfall-3 achievement icon
Windfall 3 1500 XP
Earn 100 Business Bonuses
tough-critic-1 achievement icon
Earn 100 Critical Taps
tough-critic-2 achievement icon
Tough Critic 2 1500 XP
Earn 500 Critical Taps
tough-critic-3 achievement icon
Tough Critic 3 3000 XP
Earn 2000 Critical Taps
no-biz-like-show-biz achievement icon
Buy 500 Entertainment Biz Upgrades
public-servant achievement icon
Public Servant 2000 XP
Buy 1500 Public Biz Upgrades
sophisticated-palate achievement icon
Buy 2500 Food Biz Upgrades
shopaholic_1 achievement icon
Shopaholic 4000 XP
Buy 3500 Shopping Biz Upgrades
wise-investments achievement icon
Buy 4500 Commerce Biz Upgrades
industry-leader achievement icon
Industry Leader 6000 XP
Buy 5500 Industrial Biz Upgrades
master-of-the-universe achievement icon
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