Syobon Action Plus Achievement List

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Gorka Ramirez Olabarrieta
Total XP70000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

7 Achievements

finish-the-normal-game achievement icon
Finished the first game
found-the-sacred-artichoke achievement icon
Found the sacred artichoke and unlocked the secret levels
finish-syobon-action-2 achievement icon
Only a real hero can unlock this.
finish-the-syobon-action-2-alternate achievement icon
I cannot believe that you finally finish the game in that way.
never-surrender achievement icon
You died 100 times.
finish-syobon-action-jin achievement icon
Defeated Muscular chicken from the Jin level pack.
finish-syobon-action-jin-alternate achievement icon
You found the JinĀ“s world sacred artichoke
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