Swordigo Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Swordigo below. This game is developed by Touch Foo. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP90000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


scavenger_2 achievement icon
Scavenger 1000 XP
Find a Treasure.
beam-me-up-scotty_1 achievement icon
Travel through a portal.
angry-bats achievement icon
Angry Bats 2000 XP
Kill Szan, The Angry.
blast-a-bat achievement icon
Blast a Bat 2000 XP
Kill a bat with a magic bolt.
gold-digger_11 achievement icon
Gold Digger 2000 XP
Find 10 Treasures.
the-destroyer_2 achievement icon
The Destroyer 2000 XP
Smash 100 pots.
the-gardener_2 achievement icon
The Gardener 2000 XP
Cut down 100 bushes.
reckless-shooting achievement icon
Get killed by your own magic bolt.
bomb-a-bat achievement icon
Bomb a Bat 2000 XP
Kill a bat with a bomb.
mishandling-explosives achievement icon
Get killed by your own bomb.
pancake-time achievement icon
Pancake Time 3000 XP
Get crushed to death.
animated-earth achievement icon
Animated Earth 3000 XP
Kill Boulder, The Golem.
lost-sword achievement icon
Lost Sword 3000 XP
Found The Needle.
the-undead_1 achievement icon
The Undead 3000 XP
Find The Shadowtrinket.
law-and-justice achievement icon
Law and Justice 3000 XP
Kill Zak, The Bandit Leader.
like-a-ninja_2 achievement icon
Like a Ninja 8000 XP
Kill the boss in Florennum without taking any damage.
duel_4 achievement icon
Duel 3000 XP
Kill Jack, The Ambusher.
another-entrance achievement icon
Find The Thorn.
lord-of-the-undead achievement icon
Find The Magic Sword.
too-fast achievement icon
Too Fast 3000 XP
Kill Slick, The Quick.
treasure-hunter_23 achievement icon
Treasure Hunter 3000 XP
Find 40 Treasures.
deadly-mage achievement icon
Deadly Mage 3000 XP
Kill Edogani, The Deadly.
too-rich achievement icon
Too Rich 3000 XP
Have 999 soul shards.
open-sesame_2 achievement icon
Open Sesame 3000 XP
Find a Key.
indiana-jones achievement icon
Indiana Jones 8000 XP
Find all the Treasures.
shattered-blade achievement icon
Shattered Blade 4000 XP
Assemble the Mageblade.
the-explorer_1 achievement icon
The Explorer 3000 XP
Visit every place.
master-of-order achievement icon
Master of Order 8000 XP
Kill The Master of Chaos.
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