Super Stickman Golf 3 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Super Stickman Golf 3 below. This game is developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP35500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


that-s-a-bingo achievement icon
That's a Bingo 1000 XP
Get a hole in one
eagle_11 achievement icon
Eagle 500 XP
Get an Eagle
nothin-but-net achievement icon
Get a hole in one without touching the green
500-strokes achievement icon
500 Strokes 500 XP
Reach a combined 500 shots
1000-strokes achievement icon
1000 Strokes 500 XP
Reach a combined 1000 shots
2000-strokes achievement icon
2000 Strokes 500 XP
Reach a combined 2000 shots
3000-strokes achievement icon
3000 Strokes 500 XP
Reach a combined 3000 shots
the-locksmith achievement icon
The Locksmith 500 XP
Unlock all of the courses
cool-it-down achievement icon
Cool It Down 500 XP
Shoot a superball into a water hazard
the-trio achievement icon
The Trio 500 XP
Bag three hole in ones in a row
nil-score achievement icon
Nil Score 500 XP
Score a zero on a hole
negative-score achievement icon
Score a negative number on a hole
10-clean-balls achievement icon
Score under par on 10 courses without powerups
1-race-mode-win achievement icon
Win 1 Race Mode multiplayer game
5-race-mode-wins achievement icon
Win 5 Race Mode multiplayer games
10-race-mode-wins achievement icon
Win 10 Race Mode multiplayer games
10-race-mode-points achievement icon
Reach a combined 10 Race Mode multiplayer points
50-race-mode-points achievement icon
Reach a combined 50 Race Mode multiplayer points
100-race-mode-points achievement icon
Reach a combined 100 Race Mode multiplayer points
200-race-mode-points achievement icon
Reach a combined 200 Race Mode multiplayer points
1-turned-based-win achievement icon
Win 1 Turned Based multiplayer game
5-turned-based-wins achievement icon
Win 5 Turned Based multiplayer games
10-turned-based-wins achievement icon
Win 10 Turned Based multiplayer games
big-buxmaster achievement icon
Big Buxmaster 500 XP
Get the Big Bux award for every course
tip-of-the-hat-to-you achievement icon
Unlock every hat
stylin-and-profilin achievement icon
Unlock every character
splish achievement icon
Splish 1500 XP
Swish off of a water bounce
a-quick-9 achievement icon
A Quick 9 1500 XP
Complete Golf Land under 1:30
no-snow achievement icon
No Snow 1000 XP
Hole-in-1 Snow Field Hole 4, only touching the green. No Powerups.
use-the-force achievement icon
Use The Force 1000 XP
Get a Nil Score on Gravity Lab Hole 6 with No Powerups
unorthodox achievement icon
Unorthodox 1000 XP
Hole in One Portal Land Hole 5 without touching Portals or Stickies. No Powerups.
around-the-world_7 achievement icon
Go through every portal on Portal Land Hole 5 and get a Hole in One
eagle-eye_10 achievement icon
Eagle Eye 1500 XP
Get a Hole in One Swish on Rocky Land Hole 5. No Free Shots.
stinky_1 achievement icon
Stinky 1000 XP
Get a Hole in One Swish on Sewer Land Hole 6. No Free Shots.
going-up_5 achievement icon
Going Up! 1000 XP
Get a Hole in One on Line City Hole 7. No Free Shots.
skipper achievement icon
Skipper 1500 XP
Get a Hole in One on Farmy Land Hole 2. No Free Shots.
gimme-a-boost achievement icon
Gimme A Boost 1000 XP
Get a Hole in One on Magnet Sub Hole 1. No Free Shots.
the-chosen-one achievement icon
The Chosen One 1000 XP
Get a Hole in One Swish on Crystal Cliffs Hole 4. No Free Shots.
aventine-ace achievement icon
Aventine Ace 1000 XP
Get a Hole In One on Gravity Grove Hole 7. No Free Shots.
only-the-brave achievement icon
Only The Brave 2000 XP
Complete Shield Land without Entering a Shield
100-swishes achievement icon
100 Swishes 1000 XP
Reach a combined 100 swishes
500-swishes achievement icon
500 Swishes 1500 XP
Reach a combined 500 swishes
1000-swishes achievement icon
1000 Swishes 2000 XP
Reach a combined 1000 swishes
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