Stick War: Legacy Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Stick War: Legacy below. This game is developed by Max Games Studios. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

There is no guide information for this game. Use this link to Submit an Achievement Guide for this game.

Total XP71000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


finish-campaign-on-normal achievement icon
Finish the game on normal difficulty. 500 Gem reward!
finish-campaign-on-hard achievement icon
Finish the game on hard difficulty. 1000 Gem reward!
finish-campaign-on-insane achievement icon
Finish the game on insane difficulty. 1500 Gem reward!
first-kill-as-swordwrath achievement icon
Kill an enemy unit while controlling a Swordwrath
first-kill-as-archer achievement icon
Kill an enemy unit while controlling a Archidon
first-kill-as-spearton achievement icon
Kill an enemy unit while controlling a Spearton
first-kill-as-magikill achievement icon
Kill an enemy unit while controlling a Magikill
first-kill-as-giant achievement icon
Kill an enemy unit while controlling a Giant
damage-from-behind achievement icon
Damage a unit from behind
throw-a-spear achievement icon
Throw A Spear 2500 XP
Throw a spear while controlling the Spearton
sword-jump achievement icon
Sword Jump 2500 XP
Perform a Swordwrath jump attack
drop-off-gold achievement icon
Drop Off Gold 2500 XP
Drop off full bag of gold as the Miner
max-population achievement icon
Max Population 2500 XP
Build units to reach the max population limit within the game
full-economy achievement icon
Full Economy 2500 XP
Build 8 miners to have a full working economy
phalanx achievement icon
Phalanx 2500 XP
Have 8 Speartons stand together in a formation
archer-clan achievement icon
Archer Clan 2500 XP
Build 12 archers
max-miner achievement icon
Max Miner 2500 XP
Unlock all Miner upgrades
max-archidon achievement icon
Max Archidon 2500 XP
Unlock all Archidon upgrades
max-swordwrath achievement icon
Max Swordwrath 2500 XP
Unlock all Swordwrath upgrades
max-spearton achievement icon
Max Spearton 2500 XP
Unlock all Spearton upgrades
max-magikill achievement icon
Max Magikill 2500 XP
Unlock all Magikill upgrades
max-statue achievement icon
Max Statue 2500 XP
Unlock all Statue upgrades
max-giant achievement icon
Max Giant 2500 XP
Unlock all Giant upgrades
don-t-need-no-upgrades achievement icon
Finish campaign without spending a single upgrade point
win-normal-crown achievement icon
Win the Crown Of Inamorta on normal difficulty.
win-hard-crown achievement icon
Win Hard Crown 2500 XP
Win Crown Of Inamorta on Hard difficulty.
win-insane-crown achievement icon
Win Crown Of Inamorta on Insane difficulty.
unlock-all-avatars achievement icon
Unlock All Avatars
unlock-giant-avatar achievement icon
Unlock Giant avatar within the Crown Of Inamorta.
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