Spanish Hangman Achievement List

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Total XP90000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

11 Achievements

winner_1 achievement icon
Winner! 1000 XP
You won your first game with Spanish Hangman, congratulations!
you-got-an-a achievement icon
You got an A 1500 XP
Win 10 hangman games
on-fire_1 achievement icon
On Fire 3000 XP
Win 20 hangman games
50-games_2 achievement icon
50 games 5000 XP
Play 50 games
50-wins achievement icon
50 Wins 7500 XP
Win 50 hangman games
solving-machine achievement icon
Solving machine 9000 XP
Win 100 games
one-hundred achievement icon
One hundred 9000 XP
You played 100 games
pro-player achievement icon
Pro Player 17500 XP
Play 500 games, wow!
the-master achievement icon
The master 20000 XP
Win 500 games!
strange-hour achievement icon
Strange hour! 10000 XP
Play a game after midnight
survivor achievement icon
Survivor 6500 XP
Win a game with one life left
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