Space Frontier 2 Achievement List

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Total XP50000 points
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10 Achievements

fast-lifter_1 achievement icon
Fast Lifter 5000 XP
Launch a 10 piece rocket in under 2 seconds.
gold_97 achievement icon
Gold 5000 XP
Name one Solar System as "Heart of Gold"
insane_5 achievement icon
Insane 5000 XP
Fire three INSANEs in a row.
burnt-butt achievement icon
Burnt Butt 5000 XP
Complete last the two pieces as INSANE.
colonizer achievement icon
Colonizer 5000 XP
Get one Solar System fully populated.
master_167 achievement icon
Master 5000 XP
Become Master of the Galaxy, discover 50 Solar Systems!
criminal-punisher achievement icon
Take 200 or more people to space and explode.
insanotron-3000 achievement icon
Insanotron 3000 5000 XP
Get 4 INSANE boosts within one launch.
a-new-start achievement icon
A New Start 5000 XP
Land to a planet with 200 or more Astronauts.
precise-exploder achievement icon
Explode your rocket at an altitude between 9 995 to 10 005.
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